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A Guide on How to Care for Your Engagement Ring

One of the most exciting and precious moments in the lives of women is the time that her boyfriend gave her an engagement ring. Engagement rings are very important and precious to the both of them as it represents their commitment to love one another faithfully all throughout their lives. Due to the importance of these rings, it is just right that women take steps to care for these rings for it to last long and to retain its beauty and luster. Should you be among the women out there, then you can take reference of the tips and pointers found in here.


The moment you first received the wedding bands from your boyfriend, it is suggested that you pay a visit to the jewelry store where he purchased the jewelry so as to give you idea on where you can go should you want to clean it regularly. Otherwise, you can follow the tips detailed below.


1. If your engagement ring is very costly, especially if it is made from platinum and real diamonds, then it is best that you get insurance coverage for it. Obtaining insurance policies for expensive properties are practical these days as it covers not just theft but also damage and breakage.


2. Be sure to clean your engagement rings regularly. You should remove all the traces of dirt, lotions and skin oils from it. The easiest method to clean the ring is to soak it with warm water with mild washing liquid. Rub it gently using soft bristle toothbrush to prevent scratches.


3. You should not expose your engagement rings to harsh chemicals and creams as it will discolor the metal and the gem on it.  Know more about engagement rings in


4. Make sure that you regularly visit the online jewellery to have it checked and inspected. The jeweler can give you quality advice on the proper care of the engagement rings as well as make the needed adjustments and repairs should problems arise like dislodging of the gem. You can also bring the engagement ring to the jeweler for proper cleaning to bring its luster back and to make it look like new again.


5. Make sure to store your engagement ring in the proper storage boxes to protect it from outdoor factors like humidity, dust and collision from other jewelry pieces.


When you properly care your engagement ring, it will retain its beauty, luster and value for longer period of time.