The Diamond Engagement Rings

Five Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

Are you thinking of going down on one knee with the perfect ring to propose to your special someone? If you are worried about finding the perfect engagement ring, it is not surprising since many men have that problem as well. When selecting the perfect engagement ring, the most common considerations are size and price, however, there are many options and choices in the market that will let you choose the most beautiful but most reasonably priced ring for your future wife.

Give it time


Allot a substantial amount of time when looking for the perfect engagement rings singapour. When buying a ring, it is not the size of the diamond that matters but the thought and effort that you put into selecting the ring which will become a symbol of your love and commitment. It is best to focus on her preferences and her personality versus just looking for the biggest diamond or gemstone to put on her finger. According to research, the average groom usually spends three months shopping for rings, visits up to four retailers and checks about 27 rings before finally deciding on the perfect engagement ring.


Bring her along


It is alright to bring your fiance-to-be when you go shopping for the engagement ring. Doing so will take off the burden of choosing the perfect engagement ring and you can be sure that she will absolutely love the ring. If you let your bride-to-be participate in looking for engagement rings, the less nervous the groom will be. For more details about engagement rings, visit


Be more observant


If you prefer to surprise your fiancé-to-be, then it is best to do due diligence in researching what she likes. Pay attention to the type of jewelry she prefers versus her dislikes. Take heed on the type of gold she prefers, whether yellow or white gold or even platinum, if she has any preferred designer brand, whether she prefers the more contemporary designs or more on the vintage styles of jewelry. The best clue is her taste in the wedding bands that she wears on a regular basis. She may have also dropped hints about the type of ring she wants, or have given comments about what she does not like, so remember to pay close attention. You should also ask her family or closest friends for clues on the type of ring she prefers so that you can get an idea on what you should buy.